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Case: Two decades of evidence show that more than 90% of incoming commercial mail (e.g., journals, magazines, letters, flyers, catalogs, brochures) is recycled/trashed immediately either by mail centers, departments/units, and recipients over-and-over again.

Goal: A study by Waste-Free Mail and Space Force to show how much unwanted mail is being handled at the various stages within the delivery supply chain.

Space Force Base

Space Force Base is a United States Air Force Installation.

Comments from the departments/units

Catalogs being delivered have slowed down which is good and we are no longer getting duplicated catalogs.

This program is really working great.

Thank you The Waste-free Mail Program has been a big help in reducing the amount of unwanted mail and duplicates.

Thanks for being Environmentally friendly. Sorting mail for our unit is a very, very small part of our job so the fact that you have decreased our load of unwanted mail allows us to focus more on our primary duties. Thank you ma'am!

We are no longer receiving catalogs from those civilians who retired about 11 years ago. Thank you so much!

Comments from the mail center

From talking to the units/activities we deliver mail to, the catalogs, etc. have declined about 70%. Everyone is extremely happy to no longer be receiving mail for individuals whom have retired/quit anywhere from 1-10 years ago.

When I first started this pilot program I had a couple of coworkers who didn't want me to do it because they thought if we weren't delivering so many catalogs their job would be in jeopardy, but my boss quickly pointed out that we still process their mail even if it's less pieces to them so we are still needed to do the job.

The Waste Free Mail Program is so easy to use and doesn't take any time away from my primary duties as all I have to do is scan the mailing label, login to the site and upload the label.

Once the Pilot Period of 3 months has finished with the majority of submissions it only takes me 15-30 minutes once a week to keep up with any new submissions as with working on an Air Force Base, airman are always moving on to the next base or retiring.

We all need to do our part to help the environment and I think the Waste Free Mail Program is a wonderful program.

WFM Process

For 6 months, Space Force Base captured all unwanted mail from departments and military/civilian personnel and electronically submitted covers w/address blocks to each mailer using the WFM OptOut Application. The OptOut App connected Space Force to more than 400 commercial mailers.

Majority of the submissions were transmitted within seconds. The mailer commits to removing the name between 1 to 60 days.


The study revealed Space Force removed over 70% of the waste which allows resources to focus on other matters in the mail center, departments/units, and other offices. We removed almost 30 tons of waste which is equivalent to saving 178 trees. By doing so, Space Force cut their recycling cost.

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