Paper/Mail Waste (tons)0.151Productivity Savings$281
Wood Use
(tons of fresh (green) wood)
1Made from about3trees
(million BTUs)
4Equivalent to4residential refrigerators operated/year
Greenhouse Gases
(pounds CO2 equiv.)
2,860Equivalent to0cars/year
Water Consumption
3,510Equivalent to3clothes washers operated/year
Solid Waste
180Equivalent to41people generating solid waste/day
Nitrogen Oxides/
Ground Level Ozone
(persons * hrs. * pounds O3 equiv/m3)
55Equivalent to0gasoline powered passenger cars/year
Sulfur Dioxide
(pounds SO2 equiv)
1Equivalent to0eighteen-wheelers/year
Particulates/PM 2.5
(persons * hrs. * pounds PM2.5 equiv/m3)
15Equivalent to1gasoline powered passenger cars/year

Environment Impact estimates were made using the Environmental Paper Network Calculator Version 4.0. For more information visit