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More than mail

Unsubscribe your organization from unwanted mailers

More than 90% of commercial flyers, brochures, magazines, catalogs, and letters are immediately trashed or recycled by mail room staff or recipients without being opened. That’s a lot of wasted mail.​

The Waste-Free Mail Opt-Out online service allows subscribers to directly notify commercial mailers when mail is unwanted.

Save time and money with WFM Opt-Out​

WFM works directly with over 1000 commercial mailers, helping reduce your organization’s mail volume by up to 50%

Make a green impact by cutting your paper waste and carbon emissions

By stopping unwanted commercial mail from ever being sent, WFM prevents huge amounts of paper waste and unnecessary recycling material. These cut down on operating budgets while also benefiting the environment!​

Patrick Air Force Base, a Waste-Free Mail client, reduced their unwanted mail volume by over 50%, saving 178 trees and 85 Tons in carbon dioxide emissions over 8 months in 2021.

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